Pan Size : 6" (15cm) Tube Pan
Yield : 8 slices
Recipe for : Philips Air Fryer XXL OR Air Fryer Oven

It’s raining lemons! Love the zesty flavour of lemons so I’ve decided to infuse them into my chiffon cake. Probably one of my favourite flavour now after orange

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Part I

2 Egg yolks
12g Fine Sugar
30ml Corn Oil (any vegetable based oil as they are most neutral tasting)
40ml Lemon (juiced)
50g Cake Flour (or Top Flour)
3g Baking Powder

Part II
2 Egg whites
1/4 tsp Lemon Juice
40g Fine Sugar

***Chill your metal mixing bowl that will be used to meringue the egg whites in the freezer**

1) Hand-whisk egg yolks gently then add in sugar. Continue whisking gently till it pales & thickens

2) Add in oil and continue hand-whisking to incorporate it slightly. Add in Lemon juice after and whisk to ensure all is well-combined

3) Sieve in Cake Flour (premixed with baking powder) into the batter. Hand-whisk until smooth. Do not whisk too hard as it will cause too much air bubbles that will affect the texture of the cake. Set this batter aside

4) Take out chilled metal bowl (glass / ceramic will do), pour in egg whites and lemon juice. Use hand mixer to whisk the egg whites until frothy (until you see a lot of bubbles). Start to gradually add fine sugar
[Note : I am using a Philips hand mixer so I normally start off at Speed 2 for 30s then progress to Speed 3 to meringue the egg whites. Chilled metal bowl helps to achieve a better volume for your meringue]

5) Whisk the egg whites until you achieve a nice soft stiff peak. Do not over whisk as it will cause the meringue to be watery and will not give your cake a good rise later

6) Once the meringue is ready, fold in 1/3 of it into the cake batter. Fold in gently until 80% combined. Fold in another 1/3 and repeat the folding. Fold in the remaining and fold in a few more time gently to avoid too much air bubbles from forming

7) Pour batter into cake pan slowly. Tap the pan 3 times on the surface and use your spatula to even up the surface layer. Burst any air bubbles that are visible

1) Pre-heat AF @ 140degrees for 5mins

2) Bake @ 140degrees for 40mins

3) Once cake is done, remove it from the AF and invert the cake quickly (with pan still on) and let cool for about 2 hours — I like to let it cool longer as I typically do not like to slice into bakes that have not cooled down completely. This will also prevent the cake from collapsing & stretch down instead with the help of gravity

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Let the tube rest on a small cup base

4) Once cake cooled down completely, turn the pan over and use a thin knife or a flat angled spatula to separate the sides of the cake from the pan. After you’re done, put the pan on the same cup (cup still with base side up) and push the cake bottom against it. Bring out your cake with the base still attached at this point, use the same knife or a flat angled spatula to separate the cake from the base using a consistent one direction movement

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5) Use a serrated knife (I use my bread knife) to slice the cake. It is so light that you do not need to use strength to get a clean slice

6) Try to serve chiffon cakes for immediate consumption to preserve freshness

7) Keep cake in an air tight container at room temperature. Do not refrigerate as this will dry up the cake. Cakes can be kept for about 3 days before it starts drying out

Hope this recipe helps all AF bakers out there. Do try to batch test for the right temperature and bake timing since Air Fryers may vary due to different circumstances (usage frequency, size and model)


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